English Setter Society of Wales Championship Show 26th September 2021

DCC and BIS        Bournehouse Secret Admirer

BCC and RBIS      Gemsett Ice Cold in Alex at Mariglen JW

RDCC                     Alolfrana Memphis Rock

RBCC                     Rowanmyle Gude Blue Bonnet Ennydloc

BPD  and BPIS   Dalreavoch Rip Van Winkle

BPB                        Chanina Golden Rose

BVD and BVIS     Sodalitas High Havoc Over Ennydloc

BVB                        Phlerdor Heart of Gold


MP         1              1 Richecca Midwinter

P             1              1 Dalreavoch Rip Van Winkle

Vet         2(1)        1 Sodalitas High Havoc Over Ennydloc

Jun         1              1 Phenset Firestorm

Ylng        1              1 Balvenie Blue Sensation

M            1              1 Wansleydale Skyfall

N             2              1 Edge of Dreams at Archenset

2 Wansleydale Skyfall

UG         1              1 Sunsprake Close to the Edge at Yessandi

G             4              1 Severnsett Firecracker

2 Walshaw Brushstrokes

3   Bramstorm Red Admiral at Annapurna

4   Cornsett You My Everything

PG          3              1 Samelen Comeback Special

2 Latin Lover Rewind for Larrenie (Imp)

3 Ravensett Giovanni

ML          3              1 Alolfrana Memphis Rock

2 Dalreavoch Northern Legend

3 Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW

L              3(1)        1 Bournehouse Secret Admirer

2 Mariglen Night Manager at Yendorlech

O             4(1)        1 Sh Ch Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie JW

2 Canteris Cool for Catz JW

3 Sh Ch Ravensett Work of Art at Alolfrana

English Setter Society of Wales

Championship show 26th September 2021

I would like to start by thanking the committee for inviting me and exhibitors for their entry in these

Difficult times, I must not forget to thank my Steward for giving up his time to be with us on the day.

Just a few observations I feel we need to watch for the future of our breed, I was disappointed with

incorrect mouths and gay tails also lack of bone and substance .

I know that we have had 18mths out of the ring and handlers and dogs need to get back into the

swing of things  please listen to your judge when they are  giving  instructions.

Minor Puppy (1) 1st Williams Richecca Midwinter , promising  nicely made tri puppy, with lovely head

and expression ,  straight front with good  bone and neat feet,  nice length of neck which fits cleanly

into his shoulders , good angulation  front and rear , short hocks. Strong topline with good tail

carriage he held on the move, moved steady .well-presented and gently  handled.

Puppy (1) 1st Simpsons  Dalreavoch Rip Van Winkle, blue belton puppy with a gentle head and eye,

Strong bone with a straight front slight arched neck leading cleanly into angulated shoulders, well

ribbed and good body, short strong loin and  level topline , strong quarters ,short hocks correct tail

set which he kept on the move ,sound steady movement , well presented and handled. Best puppy

dog and Best puppy in show

Veteran (2,1) 1st Codlton Sodalitas High Havoc over Ennydloc , what can be said about this 10 1/2ys

orange gentleman a Credit to his owner and breeder , full of breed type ,substance ,bone ,body,

good angulation ,still a strong topline with well set tail carriage held on the move, topped with a

gentle head and expression and although slower on the move still so sound and true foot fall , with

happy wagging tail. Best Veteran in show

Junior (1) 1st  Wilkinson Phenset Firestorm ,young orange belton boy with pleasing head and eye ,

With good bone and feet, well bodied  moved sound and steady , in good coat and


Yearling (1)  Derry  Balvenie Blue Sensation , a quality blue belton boy with a  beautiful head, oval

Skull, good depth of muzzle with a glint of mischief in his eye, carried on a elegant neck, cleanly

joining  his  angulated shoulders  strong bone, good depth and well sprung ribs , short loin leading  to

strong angulated quarters , short hocks which he used on the move ,happy sound movement with

tail nicely set on.

Maiden (1) 1ST  CIaputa  Wansleydale Skyfall, nicely headed young man , well angulated  ,nicely

bodied , in good coat and condition, moved sound and steady.

Novice (1) 1st  Kelly  Edge of Dreams at Archenset , 2 yrs tri dog whom has a pleasing head and gentle

Eye, straight front with strong bone, well ribbed and good depth , strong level topline, with correct

Angulation  in shoulders and quarters which he used to move sound and steady round the ring ,well


2nd CIaputa  Wansleydale Skyfall    as above

Undergraduate  (1) 1st Pearson  Sunsprake  Close To The Edge at Yessandi ,nicely made  young

orange dog with pleasing head ,gentle dark eye ,strong neck leading  to  lay back of shoulder ,good

body, level topline ,  correct tail set which he kept on the move, moved sound and steady in good

coat and condition

Graduate (4)  1st  Darley  Severnsett Firecracker, quality tri,   who carries a handsome head with kind

Expression, straight front good bone , strong neck with slight arched leading to angulated  quarters,

well ribbed with good ribs. Level topline and short strong loin ,angulated quarters ,short hocks ,

sound on the move with lashing tail carried level. Just needs to mature which he has lots of time to

  1. Well presented

2nd Watts Walshaw  Brushstrokes , Half-brother to first , slighter built ,but well made with

a pleasing head and expression, well bodied with strong level topline ,short strong loin, good

quarters, moved steady and at one with his handler ,in good coat and condition  well presented

3rd Cielecki  Bramstorm  Red  Admiral  at  Annapurna

Post Grad (3) 1st  Atyeo & Taylor   Samelen Comeback  Special , beautiful headed blue ,lovely dark

eye, moderately deep muzzle .  straight front, strong bone , with good depth and well ribbed ,

angulated  shoulders, strong topline  and loin, moderated angulation to his quarters ,short hocks

which he used to move sound and steady round the ring keeping his tail level with happy action ,

pressed for top honours ,well presented and handled .

2nd  Normansell  Latin Lover Rewind for Larrenie(imp)  blue boy who has improved since I last judged

Him, pleasing head, good depth and body ,strong  top line ,leading to strong angulated quarters

which he used to move  soundly round the ring

3rd   Wilson  Ravensett Giovanni

Mid Limit (3) 1st  Alolfrana   Memphis Rock , quality tri dog , full of breed type, starting with his

Masculine head ,with oval skull, moderate depth of muzzle, straight front, strong bone neat feet,

good depth and well ribbed, good neck fitting neatly  into his angulated shoulders, level topline and

strong loin, angulated quarters ,short hocks which he used to move soundly and steady round the

ring with level tail set , well presented. Pleased to award him the RCC , I

2nd  Simpson Dalreavoch  Northern Dancer , another quality blue dog with good bone and substance

straight front, neat feet ,  length of neck cleanly fitted into angulated shoulders ,  strong topline with

short loin , well angulated  quarters which he used to move soundly with correct tail carriage  , well

presented and  handled

3rd  Lawson  Wansleydale  Dorian Grey JW

Limit (3,1abs) 1st Williams  Bournehouse Secret Admirer , which I have been since seeing this quality

tri  as a puppy , he’s a handsome head with moderate depth of muzzle , oval skull ,kind gentle

eye, strong  quality bone ,staright front with beautiful neat feet, good depth and well ribbed, strong

level topline with short loin, strong well angulated quarters,  short hocks which he used to move

with soundness and power round the ring, correct tail carriage ,well-handled and presented ,in

full coat and good condition. Pleased to award him his 3rd CC and title , with agreement with my co-

judge he was Best In Show

2nd Brown  Mariglen   Night  Manager at Yendorlech , nice type to this boy with a handsome head

who unfortunately wasn’t happy to be gone over ,moved sound and steady

open (4,1) 1st Derry ShCh Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie JW , quality worthy champion orange

who was my RCC winner last time I judged , my comments remain the same he’s matured nicely,

nice head and expression  with good depth and well ribbed, strong topline with correct tail set ,

moved  soundly round the ring ,in full coat, well  muscled in good condition well handled and


2nd Jennings-Sharman& Sharman   Canteris Cool for Catz JW , Blue with a handsome head and

expression, straight front,good bone   well ribbed with good topline , sound steady on the move in

full coat and good condition

3rd Danks-Kemish  ShCh Ravensett Work of Art at Alolfrana

Ellen Loynd (Judge)


MP         1              1 Chanina Golden Rose

P             1              1 Mariglen Unwrapped

Vet         2(1)        1 Phlerdor Heart of Gold

J              1              1 Mandyset Fame and Fortune at Alolfrana

Y              2              1 Wansleydale Sky Angel at Felsett

2 Beechanger Isabelina at Cornsett

M            1              1 Mariglen Unwrapped

N             2              1 Wansledale Sky Angel at Felsett

2 Beechanger Isabelina

UG         0

G             5(1)        1 Rachdale Ribbons of Pearls

2 Phlerdor Will Of the Wisp

3 Wansledale Bedazzled at Caleydene

4 Hawklawn Kimberella

PG          2(1)        1 Hartsett Vanity Fair

ML          2              1 Rowanmyle Gude Blue Bonnet Ennydloc

2 Wansleydale Magic Rose JW

L              1              1 Bournehouse Precious Dream

O             2              1 Gemsett Ice Cold in Alex at Mariglen JW

2 Sh Ch Rachdale Elegance JW

The Pat Mellish Memorial Stakes

Special Yearling

5              1 Balvenie Blue Sensation

2 Chanina Golden Rose

3 Sunsprake Close to the Edge at Yessandi

4 Richecca Midwinter

5 Phenset Firestorm

Open 13 (1)        1 Severnsett Firecracker

2 Sh Ch Ravensett Work of Art at Alolfrana

3 Latin Lover Rewind for Larrenie (Imp)

4 Sh Ch Rachdale Elegance JW

5 Ravensett Giovanni

6 Edge of Dreams at Archenset

English Setter Society of Wales Championship Show held on 26th September 2021

Thank you for the opportunity to judge at this well run show. Although the entry was small there were some quality exhibits.  A couple of things that did worry me in the breed was one or two incorrect mouths and the lack of muscle tone.  Some movement left a lot to be desired, lacking impulsion. They should be a free moving breed with a graceful action and lashing tail.


Minor Puppy (1)

1st – Wale’s – Chanina Golden Rose – 8 month old orange with a fabulous head and eye, an expression to die for. Excellent neck leading into well laid shoulder, straight front, well bent stifles. Super tail and set, correct oval bone, moved out well on an even stride. Best Puppy bitch.

Puppy (1)

1st – Dennis’s – Mariglen Unwrapped – Tri with again a lovely head and expression, with nice eyes, straight front, level topline and correct tail set. Lovely coat and colour. Not the lay back of shoulder that I like to see.

Veteran (2)(1)

1st – Mortimer’s – Phlerdor Heart Of Gold – 7 years old in lovely condition, she has a pretty head and expression, well bodied with a good topline. Correct angulation all through, would just like tighter feet. Moved well.

Junior (1)

1st – Danks-Kemish’s – Mandyset Fame And Fortune At Alolfrana – Blue built on racey lines, not the body or bone for an English of this age, would prefer a better lay of shoulder. A short upper arm gives her a hackney action in front on the move. Lovely colour.

Yearling (2)

1st – Felton-Blyth’s – Wansleydale Sky Angel At Felsett – Another blue who has a lovely head and expression, good neck and shoulders, short back, well balanced fore and aft, moves a little close behind for me.

2nd – Owen’s – Beechanger Isabelina At Cornsett – A bit too strong in the head for me but she has good bone, lay of shoulder and forearm angulation is correct. Bigger all over than the winner although she moved with a lashing tail she lost her topline in profile, which spoilt her outline.

Maiden (1)

1st – Dennis’s – Mariglen Unwrapped

Novice (2)

1st – Felton-Blyth’s – Wansleydale Sky Angel At Felsett

2nd – Owen’s – Beechanger Isabelina At Cornsett

Graduate (5)(1)

1st – McCabe’s – Rachdale Ribbons Of Pearls – Light orange with a lovely head, eyes could be darker. Correct bone, stands on tidy feet, excellent topline.  Good tail and set. Moved okay.

2nd – Mortimer’s – Phlerdor Will Of The Wisp – Heavier all through than the winner, but she has good angles to front and rear, moved out well in profile but a bit close behind.

3rd – Dykes’s – Wansleydale Bedazzled At Caleydene

Post Graduate (2)(1)

1st – Thacker’s – Hartsett Vanity Fair – Beautiful head and expression with lovely eyes.  Fine in bone which gives her a narrow front. Good return of upper arm and well bent stifles. Tail set a little low, moved okay.

Mid Limit (2)

1st – Colton’s – Rowanmyle Gude Blue Bonnet Ennydloc – Elegant blue with correct length to neck and lay of shoulder. Level topline with excellent tail set. Well off for bone. Nice bend to stifle, moved out well keeping a level topline. Delighted to be able to award her the RCC.

2nd – Wale’s – Wansleydale Magic Rose JW – Orange carrying too much weight which spoilt her overall  outline. Good bone well bent stifles, not the shoulders of the winner.

Limit (1)

1st – Williams’s – Bournehouse Precious Dream – Another orange who was carrying too much weight which makes her roll. She has a lovely classic head and expression, straight front with good lay back of shoulder, good return of upper arm.  Excellent bone and feet. Well bent stifle, she is precise on the move keeping a level topline . Shown in excellent coat.

Open (2)

1st – Dennis, Harris & Morgan’s – Gemsett Ice Cold In Alex At Mariglen JW – Very close decision between these two oranges. Classic head and expression into a long neck with a good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Well bent stifle held her topline in profile .Moved with a lashing tail. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Glad I was able to award her the CC and later RBIS agreed along with my co-judge.

2nd – McCabe’s – Sh Ch Rachdale Elegance Jw – Another classic bitch, lovely head and kind expression, built on similar lines to winner has all the essentials.  For me moves a little close behind.

Judge Ruth Martin

My thanks to the Officers and committee of the English Setter Society of Wales for inviting me to judge the stakes classes at their Breed Club Championship show on Sunday 26th September 2021. It really was a great honour.

I am also very grateful to the exhibitors who entered under me, giving me the chance to place my hands on some top winning dogs, and who took my decisions in a sporting manner.

Many thanks also to my very able steward.

The Pat Mellish Memorial Special Yearling Stakes 5 (0)

1st Derry’s Balvenie Blue Sensation, 23 months old blue dog who stood out in the class.  Nicely chiselled head with kind expression, low set ears and strong arched neck leading into very good shoulders. Very well off for bone with a great front and nice tight feet.  Nicely ribbed body with deep chest, lovely angulation front and rear and a correct tail carriage.  Moved out well from strong hocks, holding his topline as he went. Completed the picture with a full coat and presented to perfection.

2nd Wale’s Chanina Golden Rose, just 8 months old, this orange bitch showed herself off like a veteran.  Pretty head with the darkest of eyes and a gentle expression, another with a lovely neck and good shoulder placement. When stood she is very compact and well angulated, very well off for bone without being heavy, a nice straight front and the neatest of feet. In very good coat for a youngster. Another with a correct tail carriage, she moved well and true which secured her this place amongst some very good competition.

3rd Pearson’s Sunsprake Close to the Edge at Yessandi.

The Pat Mellish Memorial Open Stakes 13 (2)

A lovely big class with quality exhibits, I had to split hairs on the day and wish I had place cards for all of them.

1st Darley’s Severnsett Firecracker, 2 year old tricolour dog.  I have not seen this lad before but he caught my eye as I was making my first assessment. He has the most beautiful head with dark expressive eyes. His neck is strong and his front is straight with a good depth of chest.  He has heavy bone without losing any elegance and the tightest of feet, short coupled and very well muscled, when stood he looks so very well balanced with good angulation.  Shown in excellent coat. Held himself well on the move with correct topline and slashing tail.

2nd Danks-Kemish’s Sh Ch Ravensett Work of Art at Alolfrana Beautiful orange dog of 4 years old who I have placed well before.  His head is well moulded with the darkest of eyes, well set ears and another lovely arched neck into a good layback of shoulder. Deep chest and strong legs with the tightest of feet, very well ribbed up, great angulation and correct tail carriage.  Looked an absolute picture when stacked, very well presented as always.  Sadly, today he didn’t move as well as I have seen him go, which was a great shame as he is a very worthy show champion.

3rd Normansell’s Latin Lover Rewind for Larrenie (Imp).

Sheree Parrish (Judge)