For 2014 Open Show results and critique- click here- English Setter Society of Wales Open Show 2014

Critique for Memorial Classes

English Setter Society of Wales Open Show, Sunday 28th September 2014

Memorial Classes Judge Mrs Dilys Watts

Thank you so much to the ESSW for inviting me to judge the memorials at their open show and a huge thank you also to the exhibitors for supporting me with such a lovely selection of quality dogs.

Windsor Stephens Memorial Yearling 10(3)

1st Tucker, Walshaw Date with Destiny.  15m O/B bitch. Sweetest of heads, with expressive dark eyes.  Superb angulations front and rear. Well muscled rear quarters.  Correct bone and nice tight, neat feet.  Moved with vivre and so nice to see that “Bee Sting tail” slashing as she moved, whilst holding her top line.

2nd.  Williams Bournhouse Starry Night.  Blue Belton and Tan bitch, finer than 1.  An elegant picture standing and on the move. Lovely neck and shoulders.  Powerful driving action and well handled.

Windsor Stephens Memorial Open 11(4)

1st. Hartle, Hartsett Cherry Bee (JW).  O/B Bitch has a beautiful head with dark melting eyes that “draw you in”.  Good depth of chest and spring of rib.  Has excellent rear quarters and tail set.  A level top line, which she held so gracefully on the move.  Best movement of the day and handled and presented to perfection.

2nd. Harris Gemsett Ultra Violet.  Striking dark B/B bitch.  Lovely head and expression, low set ears. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders.  Moved with drive and uses her tail well.

Championship Show April 2014
DCC – Upperwood for your Eyes Only to Glininnis JW SH CM
RDCC – Dyrham Diversity at Redhara
BPD – Gamerights Mr Blue Sky at Roszarke (IMP BEL)
BCC – Valsett Starlie Upsy Daisy
RBCC – Mariglen Xanthe
BPB – Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale
BIS – Valsett Starlite Upsy Daisy
RBIS & BVIS Upperwood for Yor Eyes Only to Glininnis JW SH CM
BPIS Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale.
Dogs – Judge – Mrs M Withey
1 – Gamerights Mt Blue Sky at Roszrke (IMP BEL)
2 – Mandysett Leave it to Lews at Halliana
3 – Shanandi Flaming Surprise
RES – Mandysett Read All About it
1 – Rachdale Sea Fever
2 – Brucelm Royal Ascot at Alolfran
Veteran Dog
1 – Upperwood For Your Eyes Only at Glininnis JW SH CM
2 – Sh Ch Wansleydale Royal Flush JW
Junior Dog
1 – Albadora Remember Me
2 – Bensophie Dark Crystal
3 – Scottsway Special Edition Alolfran
Yearling Dog
1 – Upperwood Summertime Blues for Laurelset
2 – Beechanger Dusty Miller JW
3 – Richecca Rob Roy
Res – Meldor-Sett Laird of Avalon at Pewterspeare (Imp Pol)
VHC – Somerled Sundance Guy
Maiden Dog
1 – Richecca Rob Roy
2 – Brucelm Royal Ascot at Alolfran
3 – Manysett Read All About It
Novice Dog
1 – Upperwood Summertime Blues for Laurelset
2 – Rachdale Sea Fever
3 – Albadora Remember Me
Res – Richecca Rob Roy
VHC – Scottsway Special Edition Alolfran
Undergraduate Dog
1 – Albadora Remember Me
2 – Balvenie Surprise Edition at Schivas
3 – Bensophie Dark Crystal
R£S – Richecca Rob Roy
VHC – Bournehouse Glorious Day
Graduate Dog
1 – Shanandi Golden Sunset
2 – Wandsfell Dont Quote Me
3 – Balvenie Clandestine JW
Post Graduate Dog
1 – Jotunheim Limited Edition
2 – Abiwrose Blue Musketeer
3 – Richecca Sunshine Superman for Abbeysett
Res – Mandysett Who Done it
VHC – Dreamsett Winter Star
Mid Limit Dog
1 – Richecca French Connection
2 – Upperwood Psychedelic
3 – Wistaston Starting School at Steeplow JW
RES – Phlerdor Thief of Time
Limit Dod
1 – Dyrham Diversity at Redhara
2 – Mariglen Dancing Brave Over Monaysbridge
3 – Benrae Royal Variety
Open Dog
1 – Mandysett Pop Idol at Halliana
2 – Fencefoot Fond Memory JW
3 – Sh Ch Caleydene Travelling Man
RES  – Sorbus Jedi Master
VHC – Swannery Valentinos Legacy to Caspellwynd CH CM
Bitches (Mrs J Kelly)
1 – Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale
2 – Benrae Something Beautiful
3 – Shanandi Forget Me Not
RES – Gamerights Makin Waves at Alolfran
VHC – Benrae She’s the One
1 – Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale
2 – Upperwood Granite
3 – Balvenie Gone With The Wind
RES – Gamerights Makin Waves at Alolfran
Veteran Bitch
1 – Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen
2 – Ravensett Blue Silk
3 – Upperwood Northern Lights at Jeansett
Junior Bitch
1 – Twyline Truely Skysablaze over Grakar
2 – Kanietter Silver Belles
3 – Sorbus the Devil Wears Zara at Bradstar
RES – Bournehouse Starry Night
VHC – Mariglen Mercedes
Yealing Bitch
1 – Valsett Starlite Upsy Daisy
2 – Mariglen Xanthe
3 – Quensha Summer Nights at Lynwood
RES – Heolddu Precious Moment
Maiden Bitch
1 – Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale
2 – Sorbus the Devil Wears Zara at Bradstar
3 – Balvenie Gone With The Wind
RES – Rachdale Sea Pearl
Novice Bitch
1 – Kanietter Silver Belles
2 – Sorbus the Devil Wears Zara at Bradstar
3 – Bournehouse Starry Night
RES –  Mariglen Mercedes
VHC – Rachdale Sea Pearl
Undergraduate Bitch
1 – Gemsett Ultra Violet
2 – Ravensett Suzannah via Grakar
Graduate Bitch
1 – Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett JW
2 – Ravensett Suzannah Via Grakar
3 – Upperwood Scribble
Post Graduate Bitch
1 – Upperwood Scarlet Willow for Sequentia
2 – Phlerdor Light Fantastic
3 – Hazeysunsett Carissimi
Mid Limit Bitch
1 – Mariglen Gift Wrapped JW
2 – Fencefoot Forever Friend
3 – Hollygrove Tumble at Bensophie
Limit Bitch
1 – Mariglen Crystal Gayle
2 – Valsett Starlite Ruby Blush at Tudorfield
3 – Pernickety Cover Girl
Open Bitch
1 – Moorbrook Uptown Flirt at Pernickety SH CM
2 – Valsett Starlite Rosy Moon
3 – Caleydene Remember Me