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English Setter Society of Wales

Championship Show

Sunday 10th April 2022

The Shrewsbury Sports Village, Shrewsbury

It was an honour to be asked to judge at the English Setter Society of Wales Ch Show. A good well run show with a robust committee of good workers in an excellent new venue. A good way to make my final judging of this beautiful breed. I enjoyed the dogs immensely, five males really stood out for me having the construction, that I look for in any gundog. I was looking for masculine, not overdone dogs with your glorious English Setter head, set on good necks let into well made bodies, and some strength in movement to see them through a day out working.  My husband has been lucky to be able to work all our dogs, and even though most people today may only show, we must never forget or try to change the original standard designed for a working dog.

I would have like to have seen many more decent fronts, many had the lay of shoulder, but lacked length and angulation in the upper arm, which did not put enough dog in front of the shoulder, because of the lack of angulation in the upper arm it also changes the movement in the forehand, the dogs have shorter choppy movement and often also toe-in. This is what happens when you get a Gundog All-rounder, lots of us are construction freaks!!

My co-judge Val Watkin and I were in agreement in judging Best in Show we both liked the two exhibits equally well, both really filled the eye, so we let the Referee Mrs Baker make the decision, the dog taking Kemish’s Best In Show, Mrs Danks-Sh Ch Ravensett Work Of Art At Alolfrana, with Mrs F Grimsdell’s Tattersett Dark Honey JW taking Reserve Best In Show. Best Puppy went to Mrs L Taylor’s Puppy Dog Wansleydale  Maybee. Best Veteran went to   Mrs S Cole’s male  Sorbus Storm Ryder JW.

Puppy Dog 3 (2ab)

1st Taylors, Wansleydale Maybee, stood alone but what a cracker, 10 month blue belton, really good balanced outline, kind and gentle masculine head,

Good eye, excellent nose, good dentition, clean neck set into well made forehand, good through the  ribs with spring depth and length, loin short and strong , good topline tailset & carriage, rear end well muscled. Good second thigh, moved out freely and soundly in excellent coat. Best Puppy in Show.

Veteran Dog  (2ab)

1st  Cole’s Sorbus Storm Ryder JW, 7 ½ year old orange belton, Good masculine headed dog, set on clean neck, let into good topline, decent forehand, ribs that spring depth & length, loin strong well set tail good use on the move, good first & second thigh, strong legs and tight feet, a sound mover in decent coat. I was told I did him very well as a baby pup of 6 months, showed the promise that was there 7 years ago. The only dog in Show that I had judged before.

2nd Taylor & Atyeo’s Samelen Harris Tweed, 7 ½ year old Orange Belton, liked his well made head, soundly constructed through the body with good angles fore and aft, excellent through the ribs, little longer in loin than 1, good topline and tailset, good angles and muscles to the rear, well boned legs and feet, moving out soundly, not the coat of 1.

Junior Dog 3 (1 seen ab)   

1st Stewarts Tattersett Golden Sunrise, Orange Belton of 13 months, excellent balanced outline, gentle masculine head, excellent eye, nose and bite, good skull, clean neck, set into well laid shoulder, I would have liked more angulation in the upper arm. Excellent topline and tailset, well made through the ribs, with spring depth & length. Strong loin, well muscled rear with good second thigh, in super coat, drove out well on good legs and feet.

2nd Tucker’s, Mariglen Nightwish For Walshaw,15 month blue belton, most pleasing head, good eye, nose bite, gentle expression, clean neck set into well made forehand, ribs not so rounded as 1, but with good depth and length, loin strong, nice angles and muscle to rear, moved out well on good legs and feet, in pleasing coat.

3rd Taylor’s Keniletter Kokoa.

Yearling Dog 1 new 2 seen.

1st Wilkinson’s Phenset Firestorm, 23 month orange belton, liked his good masculine head, kind eye, excellent nose and good bite, good proportions to skull and muzzle, excellent neck set into pleasing forehand, well made through the ribs with spring depth & length, strong loin, good topline, tail a little high on the move for me, well made rear with good muscle to 1st  & 2nd thigh, sound mover on good legs and feet, in good coat.

2nd  Tucker’s, Mariglen Nightwish For Walshaw.

3rd Taylor’s Keniletter Kokoa

Novice Dog 1 new 1 seen

1st Taylor’s Wansleydale Maybee.

2nd Carr’s, Balvenie Blue Lagoon, 2 ½ year old blue belton, pleasing outline, good masculine head, with pleasing proportions, nice eye and nose, I would have liked more angulation to the forehand, good through the ribs with spring depth and length, strong loin & topline, well set and carried tail, excellent rear quarters with good muscle to 1st & 2nd thighs, drove out well from the rear on good legs and feet in pleasing coat.

Graduate Dog 6 new 1 seen

1st ‘s Tattersett Rainbow Legacy, 2 year old Orange Belton, good balanced outline, excellent headed dog, set on good neck and pleasing forehand construction, ribs had spring depth & length, strong topline and loin, tail carried a little high for me on the move, well angulated and muscled rear end, good bone tight feet moved out really soundly in excellent coat.

2nd Cattion & Cook’s Valsett Starlite Sky Storm With Ferngate, 2 year old Tri, excellent outline and balance, gentle masculine head,, with good eye, nose and bite, pleasing forehand, ribs good, 1’s a little better, short back strong loin, good rear end well muscled , moved out well on good legs and feet, a sound mover, in pleasing coat.

3rd Kelly’s Edge Of Dreams At Archenset.

Post Graduate Dog5 new (1ab)

1st Wilson’s Ravensett Giovanni, 3 ½ year old orange belton, liked his balanced outline, well made gentle masculine head set on excellent neck, let into well laid shoulder, would have liked a little more angulation to the upper arm, good through the ribs with spring depth & length, loin could be a fraction shorter, strong topline and well set and carried tail, used well on the move. Rear end well angulated and muscled, good bone to legs, tight feet, sound mover, in excellent coat.

2nd Johnston’s, Wansleydale Beguiled Of Loonbrae, Tri of nearly 3 ½ years,   good balanced outline, gentle head, good eye and nose, set on clean neck, 1’s forehand a little more angulated, he was well made through the ribs, with spring depth & length, good topline and loin, well set and carried tail, pleasing rear end with good 1st & 2nd thigh, well boned legs and good feet, drove out well from rear, in pleasing coat.

3rd Williams Bournehouse Gamekeeper.

Mid Limit Dog5 new (3 ab)

1st  Felton Blyth’s Felsett Bugatti Blue, blue belton of 5 years, nothing over the top, but all nicely put together, gentle expression with good eye and decent nose, beautiful neck set into well made forequarters, ribs that had spring depth & length, good topline, tailset and carriage, tail used well on the move. Excellent rear end, well muscled and angulated, moved out well on good legs and feet, in super coat and feathering.

2nd Kelly’s, Cornsett The Wise One, light tri of three years , noble masculine head, pleasing head proportions, set on excellent neck, not quite the forequarters of 1, well made through the ribs, with spring depth & length, strong topline good tailset & carriage, well muscled rear a little down on pasterns, good bone, moved out reasonably in excellent coat with good feathering.     

Limit Dog 8 new (3 ab)

1st Normansell’s Latin Lover, 4 year old blue belton, good balanced outline, not overdone anywhere, you have to use your hands to appreciate his good lines, very pleasing head with good eye, good nose, correct bite, set on clean neck set into decent forequarters, excellent through the rib, with spring depth & length, strong topline and loin, well set and carried tail, used well on the move, well muscled and angulated rear with decent 1st & 2nd thighs, good bone and tight feet, toes in a little in front, drives dwell from the rear, in good coat and feathering. Dog Reserve CC.

2nd Lawson’s, Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW, 4 year old Tricolour, another pleasing dog , again not overdone anywhere, but nicely put together, 1 had slightly better forequarters he had good lay of shoulder, upper arm could have had more angulation, good through ribs,  with decent depth and length, spring of 1 slightly better, short strong loin good topline and tailset and carriage, used well on the move, presented in superb coat, excellent legs and feet, toes in a little in front drives well from the rear.

3rd Arkley’s, Harsett Flashdance.

Open Dog 6 new (1ab)

1st Danks-Kemish’s, Sh Ch Ravensett Work Of Art At Alolfrana, 5 year old Orange Belton.  Just loved his outline and overall balance, not exaggerated in any area and moving true because of good conformation.  Gentle masculine head, good eye, nose, teeth, clean neck set into well made forequarters, excellent ribs with spring depth & length, short loin, strong topline, well set and carried tail, good muscles and angulation to rear with decent 1st & 2nd thighs, moved out soundly on good legs and feet in superb coat and furnishings. My Dog CC , and on the Referee’s choice Best of Breed. My Co Judge and liked both liked the others choice equally so we decided that the Referee could choose Best of Breed.

2nd Williams’, Bournehouse Secret Admirer, Tri colour of nearly 3 years, very balanced outline, well presented and handled, beautiful gentle head, good eye, nose and teeth, clean neck set into well made forehand,, ribs had spring depth & length, topline and loin strong, well set & carried tail, good angulation and muscle to rear, excellent legs, feet on 1 a little tighter, moved out well in great coat with good furnishings.

3rd Romeo-Dieste’s, Goldbirch Wings Of Glory For Hopevalley.

Carole A Coode – Judge

It was an honour to judge bitches at the English Setter of Wales
Championship Show.
Thank you to my stewards and the committee etc for making me so
i had the pleasure of going over some quality bitches,
presentation was excellent albeit some unfortunately were going through
coat change.
Minor Puppy Bitch 3 one A
1st Loake’s Goldbirch Hearts Desire
The minute she entered the ring she was showing herself off, tail
wagging .
Such a pretty tri, refined head with desired expression, good bone strait
excellent body with enough angulation front and rear without
carried herself well on the move with lovely slashing tail action , loved
everything about her, Reserve CC
2nd Williams Bournehouse Secret Desire
Very pretty blue, feminine head with soft expression, good bone legs and
feet, strait front, good ribs and body, moved soundly, again beautifully
3rd Jennings Sharman’s Wansleydale Mayfly
Junior Bitch 6 1A
1st Wale’s Chanina Golden Rose
Lovely orange, sweet feminine head dark eyes, good bone and feet,
good ribs, overall good body balanced throughout,
strode out with drive and good carriage, excellent presentation shown in
full bloom.
2nd Hutchinson’s Monaysbridge Iris
Feminine pretty blue, elegant in outline with good bone, reachy neck,
strait front, well angulated behind, moved out well with good head
a little more ring training would show her to her best.
3rd Dennis’s Mariglen Unwrapped
Yearling bitch 2
1st Dennis’s Mariglen Unwrapped
tri, good head and eye, deep chest, strong bones, good depth of chest,
well bodied , well angulated quarters, a sound true mover.
2nd Smith’s Gold Mercury Beauty of Style
blue, sadly this girl was not handled to advantage to show off her
qualities, nice head, dark eyes, good bone and body, rather erratic on
the move, but ok when settled.
Novice Bitch 6 1 A 1W
1st Loake’s Goldbirch Hearts Desire
2nd Wale’s Chanina Golden Rose
3rd Dykes Caleydene Connection
Graduate Bitch 6 1 A
1st Wale’s Chianin Golden Rose
2nd Dobbie’s Tattersett Swiss Storm of Suthron
Pretty blue, sweet head, elegant throughout with good
front, quarters, moved soundly, not in her best coat today.
3rd Darley’s Severnsett Dark Angel
Post Graduate Bitch 6
1st McCabes Rachdale Ribbons and Bows
very attractive orange, sweat feminine head, soft expression, overall
pleasing in outline, adequate angulation both front and rear,
moved soundly with good topline and carriage, loved her elegance and
2nd Felton Blyth’s Wansleydale Sky Angel at Felsett
Blue, again lovely feminine head, soft expression, similar applies to
first,moved out soundly on the move.
3rd Dykes Wansleydale Bedazzled at Caleydene
Mid Limit Bitch 6 3 A
1st Pitts Wandsfell Dream of Me
Another very feminine girl, sweetest of heads, reachy neck, good
shoulders,correct bone neat feet, good body properties, moved out with
good diving action, shown n good coat.
2nd Taylor’s Wansleydale Bizzie Bee
Nice type, tri, built on slightly bigger lines than first, pleasing head, good
eye, altogether well balanced with good angulation font and rear, strong
moved soundly
3rd Walker’s Wansleydale Chartruese for Hathermere
Limit Bitch 7 3 A
1st Grimsdell’s Tattersett Dak Honey
today this orange girl stood out as the complete picture, feminine head,
reachy neck with good lay of shoulder, good depth of chest, good bone
and strait font, overall well balanced throughout,
correct angulation front with strong quarters, strode out on the move with
good head carriage,
shown in full bloom and expertly handled. CC and Res BIS
2nd Rumble’s Jotunheim Ooh La La
Quality orange, good head and eye, strong, bone, good body properties,
a sound mover, shown in good coat.
3rd Coltons Rowanmyle Gude Blue Bonnet
Open Bitch 7 2 A
1st Dennis’s Harris Morgans Sh.Ch. Gemsett Ice Cold in Alex at
Mariglen JW
A worthy Sh.Ch. everything has been said about her quality, moved out
well carrying herself with style and and her usual slashing tail action.
Today she just lacked her full coat.
2nd Loake’s Rachdale Painted Lace Goldbirch
Another blue quality bitch, loved her head and expression, overall good
body balance and outline, strong bone , strait front, clean neck into good
lay of shoulder, shown in gleaming coat,
today moved soundly but not with the verve Iv seen her before.
3rd Richads Bournehouse Secret Love

Valerie Watkin


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